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Navigating Change: Innoviz Advisory's Expertise in Digital Transformation

Our Vision & Target

According to the US Chamber International IP Index 2021, the US ranks at the top for overall innovation at 95.3% compared to the UAE at 42%, Saudi Arabia at 40.4%, and Kuwait at 27.9%. There is insufficient innovation in the region because most companies still focus on traditional IT and reselling white-label solutions to their local markets.

Each GCC country has implemented digitalisation initiatives in line with their National Visions aiming to diversify the economy.

Why digitalizing GCC


Is to stand out and step out of the traditional way of getting businesses done, coming from a strong belief in GCC thriving market, keeping our clients satisfaction on top of our priorities, we look forward to grow older with you.

Our services

CRM Business & Solution Consultancy

Unleash the power of Salesforce, let us help you moving from simply having a CRM to get the best out of automation and have an outstanding competitive advantage

Apple MacBook beside computer mouse on tableApple MacBook beside computer mouse on table

DcX Strategy & Design

Partner with us to enhance your overall customer experience, and get the best out of your existing digital ecosystem

IT/IS Audit

Innoviz provides unique combined Business and Solution expertise to audit your systems, integrators' quotations and ongoing projects

two person handshakingtwo person handshaking

Tailored Business & Solution Advisory

Innoviz offers à la carte consulting services. We bring high level of knowledge and expertise to your ongoing projects.

Business Data Management AI & Analytics

It all starts with Data and ends with Data. With our hands on expertise, let us accompany you in your critical milestones regarding Data Management and AI adoption

Digital Transformation Scaling

Scale your digital transformation, create a digital factory, democratize the Human Digital theory among your employees

Program Management

Managerial practices have drastically evolved with the digital ERA. Innoviz helps with the latest outstanding Leadership techniques in order to succeed and fasten your delivery

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

With our deep expertise in Lead management value chain, we help you optimize your marketing campaigns investments. Invest the right amount at the right place

person using track padperson using track pad

Website Design & Landing Pages

Take your startup to the next level, partner with us to create and design your new website and landing pages to grow your business

About us

Innoviz Advisory is a pioneering advisory boutique that merges innovation with a forward-thinking perspective. Our approach is distinctive, as we integrate business acumen, functional expertise, and solution-oriented thinking at every stage of our process to deliver optimal results. Our foundation is built upon a genuine focus on customer advocacy and a remarkable out-of-the-box mindset. We strive to understand our clients' needs by putting ourselves in their shoes and employing a great deal of empathy. At Innoviz Advisory, we firmly believe in placing the human element at the core of digital transformation, ensuring a truly holistic and impactful approach. With our unique combination of skills and mindset, we are committed to driving success and innovation for our valued clients.

MacBook Pro beside plant in vase
MacBook Pro beside plant in vase
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a large tire sitting in the middle of a desert

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