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How we do it

Tailored Business & Solution Advisory

Most businesses have ongoing projects that require optimization of processes. Whether these projects involve internal teams, external teams, or a combination of both, it is essential to have an external perspective to enhance outcomes. Innoviz, with its combined Business and Solution expertise offers advisory services on both strategic and operational levels. By integrating best-in-class techniques, Innoviz helps businesses optimize their ongoing projects and achieve better results.

Companies having multiple ongoing projects can get stuck in some bottle necks, where a new perspective and fresh outsider point of view is needed to help unblocking multiple situations. That's where our à-la-carte service is available for you

At Innoviz, we have developed high quality assets, tools and techniques focused that we put at your service. Our team coming from different backgrounds, product owners, architects, business analysts, project leader etc...- are ready to get quickly involved in your projects

KPIs, measure, KPIs measure, KPIs. We know we already mentioned it, but we need to make sure that we've focused enough on this key success factor !

Renault, France & International

Generali, Europe

Luxureve Realty, UAE

Bureau Veritas, International


Chubb UTC, France

Rians, France

Bic World, France

Kaufman & Broad, France

Parisot, France

EDF, France

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