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Digital Transformation Scaling

Today, businesses recognize the importance of embracing digital technologies to stay competitive. While incorporating certain digital features may be relatively straightforward, embarking on a full-scale digital transformation poses numerous challenges. Transforming a business while it continues to operate requires substantial efforts, starting from securing high-level support and fostering a deep understanding of the digital landscape. Moreover, creating a genuine digital factory entails careful consideration of various aspects. This includes mapping out a comprehensive strategy, aligning different departments, and implementing the necessary infrastructure. Successfully navigating the complexities of digital transformation demands a holistic approach that encompasses both strategic vision and operational execution. Innoviz has developed high quality hands on approach and techniques to accompany its clients in scaling their digital transformation.

It all starts with initiatives. Whether it's from top management, or from operational teams, all can be involved in scaling the digital transformation and we help at first intercepting those initiatives

We get involved in these initiatives that need to be strongly sponsored by top management; we define the long term objectives and goals and we increase awareness about how important it is to be also involved in mid term objectives having in mind the short term goals

With our expertise and deep understanding of clients business context we elaborate a roadmap that defines the governance, milestones, cross functional teams to be involved, RACI matrix and so on. At Innoviz we strongly believe that to succeed prioritization is the key and defining priorities need to be accepted by stakeholders

We also the best class techniques and tools in order to achieve optimal results. We help teams to define WIIFM, every team member should feel that they are contributing to this transformation, once understood, the outcome is outstanding

Measuring success is part of Innoviz DNA. We define success KPIs and work to achieve them. This part is extremely important, measuring success will help understand if investments are giving their results

KPIs, measure, KPIs measure, KPIs. We know we already mentioned it, but we need to make sure that we've focused enough on this key success factor !

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